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Cheesy Taco Meatloaf

What do you do with leftover DON MIGUEL® Beef & Cheese Mini Tacos?  Make Meatloaf!  The rich flavor of this meatloaf is created from a combination of DON MIGUEL® Mini Tacos and fresh ground beef…and the savory taco shells hold it all together.  The flavor is so fantastic, we guarantee that your family will love dinner tonight!


Mexican Breakfast Casserole

Whether it’s breakfast for two or brunch for a crowd, DON MIGUEL® Mexican Breakfast Casserole features zesty red enchilada sauce, freshly prepared rice, savory beans and your favorite DON MIGUEL® Breakfast Burrito. Assemble it in just minutes for a breakfast you can really savor.


Mini Taquito Salad

This quick snack packs the perfect crunch, thanks to EL CHARRITO® Beef or Chicken Taquitos. Just cook your favorite taquitos as usual, chop into bite-sized pieces and then toss with fresh ingredients from the fridge. It’s a quick, delicious, small dish that makes the perfect starter.


Mini Tacos Sopa Style

DON MIGUEL® Mini Tacos might be small, but they’re big on flavor and make the perfect ingredient for our Mini Tacos Sopa Style recipe. Simply grab a box from the freezer, combine with a few pantry staples—like cheese, salsa and refried beans—and you have a quick and convenient appetizer for every occasion.