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Whether you need a quick, on-the-go meal or the perfect game-day snack, our EL CHARRITO® Burritos have got you covered. Choose from our three delicious flavors: Spicy Beef & Bean Burrito, Beef, Bean & Cheese Sauce with Green Chilis Burrito, or the classic Beef, Bean & Cheese Sauce with Red Chilis Burrito. Use your microwave to go from frozen to delicious in minutes. Available at your local grocery store.


DON MIGUEL® Premium Hand Made Burritos

Flavorful, Mexican-inspired combinations are prepared with the freshest ingredients and placed in freshly made, hand-stretched tortillas from our bakery. Deli-style, handmade DON MIGUEL® Burritos are restaurant quality and come in 3 great new varieties including the delicious Chicken, Black Bean & Cheese, Carnitas, or Carne Asada Burritos. Grab one of each and add your favorite sauces and salsa! 


EL CHARRITO® Breakfast Bites

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but with the EL CHARRITO® Breakfast Bites, it just might become your favorite meal of the day! Delicious flaky pastry surrounds seasoned pork sausage and other tasty fillings. Make breakfast easy with these microwaveable, wholesome meals – perfect for life on-the-go!


GRANDITO® Burritos

At 10 ounces each, DON MIGUEL® GRANDITO® Burritos might be smaller versions of our famous THE BOMB® Burritos, but they’re still packed full of the same Mexican-inspired flavors you love. Located at your nearest convenience store or grocery store freezer, each burrito features real, freshly prepared ingredients and our own homemade, hand-stretched tortillas. Choose from Beef & Bean with Red Chile, Beef & Bean with Green Chile, Spicy Red Hot Beef & Bean or classic Bean & Cheese.


DON MIGUEL® Deli-Style Breakfast Burritos

Featuring Mexican-inspired, flavorful combinations and freshly prepared ingredients in handmade tortillas from our bakery, DON MIGUEL® Deli-Style Breakfast Burritos are really satisfying for a really great start to your day. Available in six different varieties—including Sausage & Egg with 3 Cheeses, Chorizo & Egg with 3 Cheeses, and THE WHOLE NINE YARDS!® burrito—try each with your favorite sauces and salsas, or heat, grab and go for great-tasting meals on the run.



Mini Tacos

Real Beef. Real Chicken. Real Cheese. Really Delicious Mini Tacos.

From quick, after-school snacks to crowd-pleasing party platters and convenient lunch and dinner ideas, DON MIGUEL® Mini Tacos are only made with high-quality, freshly prepared, Mexican-inspired ingredients, so they’re perfect anytime. Explore how you can satisfy your craving for the classic taste of traditional tacos. Then find the varieties you love at a grocery or club store near you.



Whether you need after-school snacks for kids, party-ready appetizers or a flavorful small meal, DON MIGUEL® Brand and El CHARRITO® Brand Taquitos are a quick, convenient and delicious choice. Heat them up and dip them in your favorite salsas and sauces to enjoy a satisfying crunch of authentic flavors and the finest ingredients. Available now in club stores or in the frozen foods aisle of a grocery store near you.


Flautas & Taquitos

Whether you’re feeding really hungry kids after school or party guests at your next gathering, DON MIGUEL® Flautas and EL CHARRITO® Taquitos are perfect for every occasion. Loaded with classic flavor combinations—like beef, Mexican cheese, chipotle chicken or zesty salsa—each flauta and taquito is inspired by traditional recipes and real ingredients to satisfy really big crowds.