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Egg & Sausage Breakfast Burritos

Scrambled Eggs, Sausage, Two Cheeses & Potatoes with Green Chiles in a Hand-Stretched Flour Tortilla

Made with Pork Raised without Antibiotics

*Hens are raised in aviary housing that have no doors which allow them to move about freely


Fiesta Variety Pack

Having the family over to enjoy some time together? Not much can make that better than serving a Don Miguel Fiesta Variety Pack. With Taquitos, Beef and Chicken Tacos you might not want to share! This large meal will satisfy most families cravings for authentic-inspired Mexican food and restaurant-style favorites.


Chipotle Chicken Flautas made with Anti-biotic Free Chicken

Don Miguel Flautas rolled to premium standards, freshly-prepared ingredients in our own homemade, hand-stretched flour tortillas. Lightly fried to add that satisfying crunch, monstrous flavor and Don Miguel Flautas come ready to slide in the oven or microwave right out of the box making them perfect for quick snacks and parties, watching the big Sunday game and even breakfast. Find them today and start living life with some flavor.


Bean & Cheese Burrito

Dig into 10 ounces of velvety cooked beans and real melted cheese with the GRANDITO® Bean & Cheese Burrito. This classic combination is far from ordinary, offering up lots of flavor in each hand-rolled, handmade flour tortilla. Find it at your local convenience store or grocery freezer today, along with your other DON MIGUEL® Brand favorites.


Beef & Bean Spicy Red Hot Burrito

Want a burrito with real ingredients inspired by classic Mexican food flavors? Pick up the 10-ounce GRANDITO® Beef & Bean Spicy Red Hot Burrito for a spicy, satisfying meal that’s perfect on the go or at home. Easy to prepare and ready whenever you are for lunch and dinner, find it at your favorite convenience store or grocery freezer aisle today.


Beef & Bean with Green Chile Burrito

Spicy, satisfying and filled with 10 ounces of real savory beef, hearty cooked beans, fiery green chiles and your favorite traditional Mexican food flavors, the GRANDITO® Beef & Bean with Green Chile Burrito is big on taste. Ready to heat and go, or perfect for at-home meals—pick one up today at your nearest convenience store.


Beef & Bean with Red Chile Burrito

Just like our famous THE BOMB® Beef and Bean with Red Chile Burrito, the GRANDITO® burrito is just as satisfying at 10 ounces, and it still packs just as much flavor. Loaded with savory beef, fiery red chiles and hearty, whole beans, this burrito satisfies even the biggest cravings for Mexican-inspired heat.


Chicken & Cheese Burrito

The DON MIGUEL® Chicken & Cheese Burrito packs 7 ounces of savory chicken leg meat, three kinds of real shredded cheese and mild green chiles into a hearty, handmade flour burrito. To top it all off, we hand butcher wrap each one to seal in their flavor and freshness. The perfect on-the-go dinner or sit-down lunch, DON MIGUEL® Chicken & Cheese Burritos can be found at your local convenience or grocery store deli.