Satisfy Your Cravings

Product Heating Directions

Satisfy your cravings with DON MIGUEL® burritos.
To properly prepare the burritos for your hot case display,
follow the heating instructions below.

Step 1:

Open one end of the package and place
item on a microwave safe dish.

Heating Instructions are from a Refrigerated, Non-Frozen Temperature.
Burrito package illustration

Step 2:

Heat on high for amount of time specified.

Microwave Ovens and Wattages May Vary. 1200 Watts Reference Used.


Bean and Cheese




Shredded Beef & Cheese


Steak & Jalape├▒os



Carne Asada


Chicken & Cheese


Chicken, Cheese
& Black Bean



Egg & Bacon


Egg & Sausage


Whole Nine Yards


Step 3:

Turn item over and heat on high for additional amount of time specified.




Step 4:

Let stand for 1 minute before applying the freshness seal.

Step 5:

Apply the freshness seal and place in the hot case display.

Two (2) Hours is the Maximum Time in the Hot Case for Best Quality.