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Bringing quality Mexican FLAVORS & convenience to meet the lifestyle of busy people

We have been serving up Mexican-inspired favorites for more than a century. From our humble beginnings to our new, modern facilities, DON MIGUEL® Brand has always been focused on convenience, quality and flavor. That’s why every single product created in our kitchens today—including our hand-wrapped deli-style burritos, traditional mini tacos, and tasty breakfast burritos—is crafted with freshly prepared ingredients that really satisfy.

History of Quality

History of Quality

In 1906, Alejandro Morales, a man of humble means from Sonora, Mexico, began selling his wife’s homemade tamales on the streets of Southern California. Even back then, he demonstrated his passion for making quality, authentic Mexican food available to everyone. This vision has grown over the decades from the humble beginnings of on-the-go street food sold from a horse-drawn wagon to the DON MIGUEL® Brand of today, which continues to honor his commitment and love for serving up genuine, full-flavored Mexican food.

Taking pride in
everything we do

Every single product created in our kitchens today is crafted with quality prepared ingredients that really satisfy, like our tortillas made fresh every day in our bakery, real shredded cheese, perfectly seasoned beef, tender chicken and authentic-inspired spices.